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For much of America’s history, Baltimore had been a city of enormous beauty and achievement. Yet after more than half a century of Progressive political rule, Baltimore is burning.

The Progressive dream is rapidly spreading and spawning nightmares. By looking deeply at Baltimore as a leading example of what Progressivism does, we can see how this collectivist ideology corrupts and is replacing the traditional American dream of legal equality, life, liberty, prosperity and the pursuit of happiness.

Writing shortly after the dawn of Progressivism in America, Henry Louis Mencken, an astute journalist and thinker known as the “Sage of Baltimore,” understood that what we now call its Politically-Correct politics and values - which in 1925, just after the Marxist Russian Revolution, he saw rising up around him and becoming intellectually fashionable - were a mortal threat to liberty, free speech and private property.

The American Dream and U.S. Constitution are being dismantled by this alien ideology, by the radical activists infected with it, and by those addicted to the mind-altering and soul-destroying drugs it peddles.

In our 2013 book The Great Withdrawal: How the Progressives’ 100-Year Debasement of America and the Dollar Ends, we examined how the great city of Detroit and its residents were dragged into economic stagnation and violence by Progressive interference with its economy and values.

In Chapters One and Two of this book we look at the rise and fall of Baltimore, where seeds of both the American Dream and the Progressive nightmare are fighting for control of our nation’s future.

In Chapter Three we show the tangled roots of the rival dream of Progressivism, where this alien collectivist ideology came from and how it has been invading our institutions.

In Chapters Four, Five, Six and Seven, we explore ways that Progressives are systematically undermining four cornerstones of the American Dream, the same dream that so many immigrants were drawn to in an earlier Baltimore.

In Chapters Eight and Nine, we examine how Progressive policies and institutions have debased the U.S. Dollar, hamstrung our economy, and fundamentally transformed our once-free marketplace into companies and institutions addicted to and dependent on Progressive government favors and largesse.

In Chapter Ten, we consider whether a “Third Dream” that combines the American and Progressive Dreams is possible, and we show why sustaining the internal contradictions of such a hybrid would likely in the long run prove impossible. We look at how Progressive attempts to combine free market individualism and socialist collectivism are failing in Greece and Puerto Rico.

We also show you ways to protect yourself and your family from the severe turbulence and shocks that will come from both the struggle to reclaim the American Dream and from being pulled deeper into the Progressive collectivist nightmare and a worsening economy as this War of the Dreams continues.

Our Epilogue returns to Baltimore and discovers seeds of hope that even this riot-torn city, dragged down sooner and harder than most by Progressive politicians and policies, has surprising ways to achieve a successful, prosperous tomorrow. Read full Introduction

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